I am Ali. Age 18. Mexican & Pakistani.



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10 months ago

Sigh, I don’t know if I really want to.
I’ve done less than more than 95% of teenagers do in America. No drink, no drug, no nothing intimate with external people other than her.
No matter what she’s done while we were apart or together, I have never used any of it against her no matter how much it hurt. 
I guess it’s just a one way street for me.
If this doesn’t work out, I am going to leave this state for good. 
& this idea of apathy towards people will sure kick in. 

1 year ago

Aren't you two best friends though after it all?  from Anonymous

Haha, she talks to me like I’m less than that. Do you know how shitty I feel that I love her and want to be with her and she doesn’t want to be with me and doesn’t think she’s ever going to be ready even though we had dated for so long, even though I was willing to do anything. It’s like the ultimate form of friend zone. And it sucks ass.

1 year ago

eh she isn't saying anything like that person claimed. She actually seems to be having a pretty hard time right now.  from Anonymous

Either way, her final thoughts are her thoughts, I can’t object to anything.

1 year ago

al of those little love things between you 2 she doesnt even care about. why are you so lovey about her. she talks about her friends being cute like she wants to date them and then she talks about how she wishes she could see one of them, i know because i follow herr. shes a waste  from Anonymous

I would prefer to not know these things. Thanks.

1 year ago

just so you know, that girl you like so much claudia doesnt think twice about you. her twitter is filled with flirting with other guys and talking about them so dont get caught up with her and she never talks about you only them  from Anonymous

Haha okay.

1 year ago

I’m going to see if she even tries to talk to me on Oovoo or phone if she really values anything, if not, oh well.

1 year ago